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What I'm Reading (or listening to more like)...

Just a little explanation...

I loved reading when I was growing up. I loved Jacqueline Wilson almost exclusively. I then devoured the Twilight Saga in my teenage years. Sadly, I don't get much time to read these days so I like to listen to audiobooks when I'm driving. I tend to have a long commute so I feel like I am accomplishing something when I finish a book. Admittedly, this isn't as good as actually reading but we've got to take the little wins when we get them, and if it works for you then that's a little win in my eyes.

I'm currently reading:

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

One of the benefits of listening to books rather than reading them is that I manage to complete books that I wouldn't normally be able to finish.

Jayne Eyre is one of them.

So far so good. It is similar to those of Jane Austen but less focused on love stories and more on the life of Jane Eyre herself.

The version I am listening to (narrated by Anna Popplewell) offered an introduction which at first I thought was going to ruin the story but instead, it gave a heads up of themes I could look out for when listening.

Books I have previously read:



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